Voter Suppression, Climate Justice, and the Polluter-Industrial Complex

How the Corporate Assault on American Democracy and the Climate Are Connected

The right to vote is not only a time honored and celebrated tradition, but one of our most sacred and fundamental rights as citizens.

A Green New Meal

How Factory Farming Fuels Climate Injustice & What We Can Do About It

“Dismantling factory farming is not going to eliminate inequality or stop agricultural emissions, but as part of a larger Green New Deal program it would challenge the exploitative and destructive practices of big agribusiness and redistribute power back to farmers, consumers, rural workers, and the American people.”

India’s New Laws are Not Only Unjust, they Accelerate Climate Catastrophe

The anti-farmer and anti-climate policies currently being pursued by Modi in India and supported by the Biden administration strengthen the hand of fascism and threaten progress on global climate justice.

A Green New Deal for Boston

An Action Plan for Achieving Climate Justice

“An effective Green New Deal is also a radical Green New Deal… from the Latin radix, meaning root: radical change is systemic change that tackles root causes rather than merely addressing symptoms.”

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