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May 2024 Climate Action Update

Participatory Justice is Climate Justice

For the generational opportunities now available through federal funding grants and programs, two key roadblocks have impacted grassroots organizations from accessing and using these resources. And given the scale and speed at which money is intended to be granted out, there is so much more that can be done.

April 2024 Climate Action Update

Changing the Mindset.

We're starting to see real change from our growing movement and its successes. One of the most important changes is seeing ourselves, and our communities, as powerful - and empowered - agents of change. This month, we’re highlighting impactful new climate initiatives being implemented in the United States and around the world.

March 2024 Climate Action Update


This newsletter has one purpose -- to illuminate the path towards a more just and sustainable future for communities in the U.S. and around the world. As a movement, we need to dispel any cynicism that the future we want is too far away, and that it will be impossible to realize. It’s not. The tools we need and the allies we seek are all around us.

2023 Year-End Climate Action Update

2024 Will Be Pivotal: Our Game-changing New Resources & How We Can Make Your Advocacy A Success!

As the year comes to a close, we want to know how we can best support your advocacy work in 2024. Why? The answer is simple -- we are now witnessing a pivotal moment in the history of global climate action. In this update, we’re also highlighting some of the most inspiring recent developments in climate action and policy spaces.

February 2024 Climate Action Update


Five years on, the Green New Deal remains popular among a majority of voters. It is clear that a Green New Deal and local climate innovations are not only popular, but inspiring further actions nationwide. Our cities and communities are on board, and with federal funding, more within reach than they have ever been. As part of the five-year anniversary of the Green New Deal, we will be publishing our most anticipated movement resource yet in the coming weeks: the Federal Funding Primer.

January 2024 Climate Action Update


As the Biden Administration enters its fourth year, there are concrete signs that the federal government is responding to communities telling them to think more creatively about how to distribute federal resources and dollars. It's with this theme in mind we bring you our January Climate Action Update.

November Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

There’s a popular phrase that goes, “Think Globally, Act Locally.” This month, we’re leaning into its counterpart. We can think locally about what we need to do to make our own communities just, vibrant, and sustainable - but we can’t forget that all our actions are inherently global. 

October Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

It’s been a year since the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) was passed, nearly two since the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) passed, and almost three years since President Biden established the Justice40 Initiative. But some significant questions have hung heavy in the air ever since their passage: Will these investments truly advance justice?  In this month’s newsletter we take a closer look, and share where there is room for improvement.

September Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

In September's Climate Action Update, we shine a light on exciting projects - big and small - that are taking shape across the nation. From civilian response teams and participatory democracy models to billions in funding for resilient communities and infrastructure upgrades, this newsletter covers it all!

Labor Day Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

In this month's Climate Action Update, we highlight the role of labor in the climate change movement, including the critical role of workforce development, unionization, and job training pathways necessary to build a more just and sustainable future.

July Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

JULY UPDATE: This month we have even more resources and recent developments to share with you, from Taproot Earth's Just Transition Lawyering Network to Chicago's in-depth Blueprint for a Just & Vibrant City.

June Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

JUNE UPDATE: The latest roundup policy models, funding opportunities, and justice-forward resources for all our friends and allies working to advance climate action and justice in their cities and communities.

Voter Suppression, Climate Justice, and the Polluter-Industrial Complex

How the Corporate Assault on American Democracy and the Climate Are Connected

The right to vote is not only a time honored and celebrated tradition, but one of our most sacred and fundamental rights as citizens.

A Green New Meal

How Factory Farming Fuels Climate Injustice & What We Can Do About It

“Dismantling factory farming is not going to eliminate inequality or stop agricultural emissions, but as part of a larger Green New Deal program it would challenge the exploitative and destructive practices of big agribusiness and redistribute power back to farmers, consumers, rural workers, and the American people.”

India’s New Laws are Not Only Unjust, they Accelerate Climate Catastrophe

The anti-farmer and anti-climate policies currently being pursued by Modi in India and supported by the Biden administration strengthen the hand of fascism and threaten progress on global climate justice.

A Green New Deal for Boston

An Action Plan for Achieving Climate Justice

“An effective Green New Deal is also a radical Green New Deal… from the Latin radix, meaning root: radical change is systemic change that tackles root causes rather than merely addressing symptoms.”

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