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In Short

  • The Center is expanding its breadth of contributors and we welcome you to be a part of our movement support work! We are looking for accessible, exciting, and thoughtful summaries of topics that fit under the expansive umbrella of ‘climate justice’. Whether you are an activist, researcher, journalist, policy analyst, or new to the movement, we all have insights and stories to share. 
  • As a bridge-building organization, the Center is about showing the kinds of futures that are possible if we put justice and community first. Therefore, we are particularly interested in highlighting successes and insights from the climate justice movement, particularly from an intersectional perspective. 
  • Accepted pieces will be published on our newsletter and website, and summarized for social media platforms with appropriate organizational and individual tags. You (or your organization if submitted on behalf of an organization) will be listed as the authors; please inform us of any co-authors or organizations involved so that we can appropriately give them a nod.

What types of entries are we looking for?

  • Submissions can be written in an op-ed, interview, narrative, exposé, article, research summarization, or popular discourse format. In order to make your work as accessible as possible we encourage you to minimize the use of academic jargon and technical language that the general public might not understand. If you use a complex term, please define and explain it for the readers. Please hyperlink all your sources and data points. 
  • Climate justice is deeply intertwined with other movements for liberation and freedom. The Center is about showing the deep, structural roots of climate injustice so when we address one injustice we are in fact addressing them all. Examples of intersectional topics include class, race, gender, ethnicity, neocolonial status, international or corporate power structures, neoliberalism, and imperialism. We are looking for pieces that tease out these deep roots.

Some additional details on the articles we post

  • The Center publishes articles that are 2-4 pages double-spaced, or a word count of 500 to 1200 words. Writers should cite their sources and data using hyperlinks; there is no need for a bibliography.
  • We encourage you to submit pieces on a number of topics. We reserve the right to review your piece to ensure it aligns with our organizational values and policy principles. If you want to submit a piece that has already been published elsewhere, please link to the original article and show permission to repost/reprint through the submission form.

So, you want to publish a piece?

  • To submit a piece, please complete the form on this page. Within a week, you will receive a response from our team. If your article is a draft,  we can shepherd it through the editing process and be in communication with you about any changes.
  • Any published articles will be posted to our website and newsletter listing you or your organization as the author, and will be shared out on social media platforms in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out with any questions if you are interested in submitting an article!

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