The Federal Funding Primer
on Climate Change

Our comprehensive analysis of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Justice40, and how to leverage these federal funding opportunities to advance climate justice.

Voter Suppression and the Polluter Industrial Complex

Major corporate polluters are attempting to rollback the voting rights of those people on the frontlines of the climate crisis. What Can We do to Halt this Assault on American democracy and promote climate justice for all?

Transforming Our
Food Systems

To achieve climate justice for all, we must replace factory farming and chemical-intensive techniques with more a more just and sustainable system of global agriculture -- one that emphasizes agroecology, regenerative agriculture, systems of food sovereignty, food justice, and the rights of farmworkers, consumers, and small family farmers.


The Green New Deal
Resource Hub

The Green New Deal Resource Hub is an online meeting space for progressive organizations around the world working to implement transformative policies and practices for an equitable, healthy and fossil-free future. Here, activists, organizations and policy-makers are able to share skills, stories and strategies while discovering networks of potential partners and mentors.

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