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The Center's GND Resource Hub is a website and network that grassroots activists, city officials, and local policy practitioners can rely on and reference as they craft their own Green New Deal inspired urban plans and policies.

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Federal Funding Primer
on Climate Justice
Our comprehensive analysis of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Justice40, and how to leverage these federal funding opportunities to advance climate justice.

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Our Mission

The Global Center for Climate Justice is a nonprofit multidisciplinary research and networking think tank dedicated to advancing a more transformative politics that addresses the root causes of the climate crisis and social injustices of all kinds. To achieve this goal, we are focused on popular education, conducting original research, movement networking, consulting and outreach. We take an intersectional approach in our work, analyzing the linkages between class exploitation, systemic racism, gender oppression, and political domination.

Our Philosophy

The last 60 years of climate and social justice activism have underscored two fundamental truths. The first being that reactive reforms are not enough to arrest cycles of corrosive disadvantage and domination. Invariably any oppressive system becomes so untenable over time it requires transformation from the ground up – a total reimagining of what is possible rooted in an acknowledgement of historical facts. The second being that if we are divided, individualized or isolated, we can be suppressed. Now as in the past, political, economic and social power are unsustainably and indefensibly concentrated.

To be successful in implementing structural transformation, movements must come together to coordinate and support one another in order to reclaim our power, restore the rights of peoples and nature, and bend the arc of history towards justice for all.

Our Approach

The important question of our time is not what are the problems we face? but how do we envision solving them in a truly liberating way? We cannot be paralyzed by analysis. It is our responsibility in this age to envision and pursue what we can create together that is better. The Center’s approach to this question is to start with an intentionally intersectional analysis of an issue, show how it reveals the need for emancipatory alternatives, and ultimately to lift up specific but transformative changes that are both possible and deeply revolutionary.

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The Center is devoted to exploring the relationship between climate change and social justice in the context of both mitigation and adaptation policies. We are committed to exposing the root causes of the climate crisis as grounded in corporate power structures (particularly the polluter-industrial complex), neoliberalism and the assault on democracy, imperialism, globalization, processes of unequal ecological exchange, and global capitalism. We are focused on the intersectionality of class exploitation, systemic racism, patriarchy, neo-colonial status, and other structures of power and domination. We strive to provide an inspiring vision of how climate change can serve as a catalyst for transforming society for the better and creating a more just and sustainable future for all of us. 

Center Fellows come from all over the world, and have established a strong reputation for their achievements in working with policy makers, elected officials, environmental justice advocates, foundation officials, community activists, the media, and the general public. The Center also sponsors workshops, seminars, speaker series, and conferences. Center Fellows have been featured speakers at the National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit II and many other national and international conferences, and often receive local and national media coverage for their efforts. Center Fellows are also affiliated with a number of scholarly journals and popular publications from around the world. Our reports, briefs, and other publications are contributing to the adoption of important government regulations and policies, as well as newly innovative programs and projects by foundations, non-profit organizations, and progressive social movements. We seek to provide intellectually rich and compelling analyses for those climate justice advocates wishing to turn knowledge into effective political action. If you are interested in becoming a Fellow with the Center, or would like the Center to help promote your works through our network, please get in touch.

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