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Noel Healy

Noel’s core work revolves around climate change politics, energy transformations, supply-side climate policy, energy justice, and the link between academic knowledge, political activism, and policymaking. Current projects include investigating: (1) the impacts of fossil fuel resistance movements in confronting fossil fuel lock-in, (2) the socio-environmental impacts of unconventional natural gas extraction and open-pit coal mining (US/Colombia), (3) policymaking connected to a Green New Deal and (4) “just transition” strategies for fossil-fuel-rich third-world countries. Dr. Healy’s projects have secured over $176,000 in research grants and have spanned Ireland, the US, China, Germany, and Latin America. Dr. Healy is a contributing author for the IPCC’s 6th Assessment Report. He is on the editorial board of Energy Research & Social Sciences. In 2015 Dr. Healy acted as an observer to the 2015 UNFCCC talks in Bonn and at the UNFCCC COP21 Paris talks. Dr. Healy is also a Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich Rachel Carson Fellow. Dr. Healy founded the SSU Fossil Fuel Divestment campaign which led Salem State University to commit to divest from fossil fuels in 2016. In 2018 he was awarded with a SSU Civic Engagement Hall of Fame award. Originally from Ireland, Noel first came to the US in 2005 to study at UC Berkeley. He received his PhD at the NUI, Galway in 2009. His research is published in journals such as Energy Policy, Energy Research & Social Science, Local Environment, Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, Society and Natural Resources. Joule previewed his Green New Deal research. He is also published in The Guardian, Scientific American, The Conversation, and Common Dreams. Colombian national radio Wradio, DeSmogBlog, The Times, and Gizmodo have reported on Noel’s research. 

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