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Nina Schlegel
Executive Director

Nina is a longtime environmental justice advocate, researcher and founder of the Center. Originally from Switzerland, she has worked for environmental nonprofits both large and small, local & state government, and international solidarity groups.She is the author of the 2018 "Climate Justice Boston" report for Boston's City Council, and created the Green New Deal & Just Recovery Plan for the City of Boston. She is currently an assistant editor with the journal Capitalism, Nature, Socialism. Nina is active in numerous climate advocacy coalition spaces from COP26 Coalition, Climate Advocacy Lab, Declaration for American Democracy and others. Her research expertise includes: Green New Deal policy, climate migration, energy justice, voter suppression, and urban climate justice. She has lived in Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Canada, and many parts of the United States and unabashedly drops climate resilient policy ideas from the different places she's lived, along with and Star Trek references, during casual conversations.‍

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