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Dušan Pajović

Dušan Pajović is the campaign coordinator of the pan-European movement DiEM25, where he is an ex officio member of the coordination collective, the organization's highest body. He is a regular columnist of the most read opposition media in Montenegro, Cafe del Montenegro (CdM). In the past, he has collaborated with many organizations including Humanity & Inclusion, Animal Save Movement, UNICEF and the United Nations (UN).Although very young, Pajović has already written many opinion piece articles and research reports; and has appeared in many interviews, podcasts and documentaries with figures such as Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Jason Hickel, Ann Pettifor, Caroline Lucas, Srećko Horvat and others.Pajović has been declared as a person of the year in Montenegro by the Le Courrier des Balkans for 2022. He is one of the winners of the award for the best essay in 2023, awarded by the Association of Montenegrin Publishers. During his studies, he was awarded the prize on December 19, for the best students of the capital, as well as the prize of the student of the generation by the University.In July 2023, he published his first book "Between doom and hope: Montenegro in the shackles of capitalism and clero-fascism".Pajović’s areas of interest are: post-capitalism economy, degrowth, green new deals, anarchism and total liberation theory.‍

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