September Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

December 31, 2023

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We are the Machine.

Over the past six months, we have witnessed millions of people all over the world march for social, economic, environmental, and climate justice. In the United States, the arrival of Fall has seen tens of thousands of working people come together and demand more rights for workers, fairer wages, and a stronger political commitment from governmental leaders to take on the planetary emergency that is climate change. Coast to coast, struggles by workers and their families, social and racial justice activists, concerned scientists, environmentalists, and EJ/CJ advocates against the exploitation of labor, people, and the planet are gaining momentum. Whether you look at SAG-AFTRA's strike for a fair and equitable contract, the United Auto Worker's strike over labor's stagnant wages despite Big Auto's record profits, or the organizing efforts for a better deal by healthcare workers, or the March to End Fossil Fuels that garnered 75,000 people to pressure global leaders on climate policies, or the formation of Green New Deal Coalitions at the local and national levels, it is clear that political mobilization is on the rise.  Our movements are gaining power, and let no politician or corporate interest misunderstand this fact: We are the Machine - it is our time, our labor, our ingenuity, and our dedication that have made this country great. History has shown when when our movements are strong -- when we stand together in solidarity with one another -- only then can achieve the better future that we know is possible. 

What's in This Month's Climate Action Update?

In September's Climate Action Update, we shine a light on exciting projects - big and small - that are taking shape across the nation. From civilian response teams to 911 calls and participatory budgeting experiments to adaptive re-use of office buildings and affordable micro-transit systems, our newsletter covers it all! If funding is important to you, read on to learn about the billions in funding available for drought resilience, career skills training, mitigating climate and health impacts, and infrastructure upgrades. You'll also find summaries of the Biden Administration's moves to protect Alaskan refuges and create an American Conservation Corps. Read further down to explore resources such as BlueGreen Alliance's in-depth EV Jobs Hub and model environmental justice bills from WeAct, and see how Scotland and African Nations are making moves towards climate action & debt relief.

How Do I Use Them?
We have summarized funding opportunities, policy innovations, and timely movement resources for your examination. Take a glance through the Update and follow the links to the resources that are most valuable to you. We encourage you to forward the Updates to like-minded colleagues and allies. Is there something you want to share, or do you have feedback for us? Please share your thoughts here!

Nina Schlegel
Executive Director

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