February 2024 Climate Action Update


March 6, 2024

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Five years on, the Green New Deal remains popular among a majority of voters. In fact, 85 percent of Democrats, 64 percent of Independents, and 45 percent of Republicans favor a Green New Deal that creates green jobs, addresses climate change, and seeks to rectify pollution and racial injustices. Recently, Sen. Markey and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez shared a summary of the progress made nationwide since they introduced the GND resolution in 2019. It is clear that a Green New Deal and local climate innovations are not only popular, but inspiring further actions nationwide. Our cities and communities are on board. The Inflation Reduction Act, Justice40, and other federal legislation and programs are now providing ample federal funding opportunities to make change possible. GND programs are now within our reach like never before.

As part of the five-year anniversary of the Green New Deal, we will soon be publishing our most anticipated movement resource yet: the Federal Funding Primer. The Primer is designed to be a "first stop shop" for anyone interested in understanding how the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Justice40 can be used to advance climate justice in their community, tribe or municipality. Don’t have time to understand the big picture or read all the great resources out there on this topic? We’ve got you covered. Not sure where to find relevant grants or technical assistance? We’ve got that covered too! The Primer breaks down (with graphics!) how federal funds are being made available, and the ways in which these funding opportunities can advance or limit climate justice. We answer key questions, highlight examples from around the country, summarize important movement resources on federal funding, and share where you can find technical assistance providers. Stay tuned for our most impactful climate justice movement resource yet!

What's in This Month's Update?

hTis February, we’re highlighting impactful new climate initiatives from across the country: a basic income pilot in San Francisco; a tool for affordable housing in Cambridge, MA; a New Jersey city’s efforts to integrate youth into climate planning; food forests popping up in the Arizona desert; city programs addressing the diversity gap in construction; and much more. You’ll also find funding opportunities for housing homeless veterans, building a clean energy workforce, addressing air pollution at schools, affordable housing green retrofits, weatherization assistance, building code updates, and billions of dollars for clean transportation. If you’re applying for a federal grant, check out the guides and technical assistance providers we’ve highlighted this month. We also summarize new movement resources, including (1) Right to the City’s housing and climate justice policy framework to protect communities from displacement, and (2) the Indigenous Climate Action’s Decolonizing Climate Policy report which addresses barriers to Indigenous-led climate policies.

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In Solidarity,

Nina, M, Kimberlee and Nikki
Climate Justice Center Newsletter Team

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