Labor Day Climate Action Update

Policy and Funding Insights for Cities & Coalitions

December 31, 2023

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Labor is a Key Partner in Creating a Climate Just Future.

How do we know? Over the past months we have witnessed an impressive rollout of federal initiatives designed to tackle the global climate crisis. These efforts have been accompanied by theHot Labor Summer union drives and exciting new workforce development pilots taking form across the country. This year is shaping up to prove that the essential ingredient in making this decade's historic climate investments possible -- from local Green New Deals, large-scale infrastructure projects and retrofits, or groundbreaking new clean energy manufacturing --is meaningful investments in American workers.

In this month's Climate Action Update, we highlight the role of labor in the climate change movement, including the critical role of workforce development, unionization, and job training pathways necessary to build a more just and sustainable future. Take a moment to draw inspiration from the City of Boston's new workforce development program for returning citizens, or to learn how a small town in West Virginia is transforming its shuttered coal plant into an electric battery factory. Preview the Treasury Department's latest report advocating for unionization as a way to grow America's middle class and build economic prosperity for all Americans. Learn more about existing state-union partnerships and what has made them successful.

These Updates are not political promises. They are real-life programs and investments. We hope you'll stay a while, share the good news, and come to see how investing in a climate just future means first investing in people.

What's in This Month's Climate Action Update?

The monthly Updates are a collection of high-quality and timely resources gathered for you to help enable your advocacy and policymaking. We cover inspirational local climate actions and climate justice initiatives from municipalities in the U.S. and abroad. Inside you will find funding opportunities provided through both the federal government and larger nonprofits for climate, housing, transit and other infrastructure initiatives. Also included in the August Update are (1) resources for how to develop a Solar for All proposal; (2)lessons from Black-led climate justice projects; (3)examples of cities spurring investments in their downtowns; (4) unique ideas for water sharing and transit safety, and (5) numerous funding opportunities for just energy transitions in low-income communities of color and tribal nations.

How Do I Use Them?

We have summarized funding opportunities, policy innovations, and timely movement resources for your examination. Take a glance through the Update and follow the links to the resources that are most valuable to you. We encourage you to forward the Updates to like-minded colleagues and allies. Is there something you want to share, or do you have feedback for us? Please share your thoughts here!

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