Road to a Green New Deal - Issue 24
April 21, 2022
Annie Wolfond

GND Milestones Solicitation

Green New Deal efforts are making waves—help us share out your milestones! In an effort to engage with and support GND coalitions, alliances, and movements across our network, we would like to highlight your new initiatives and milestones. For more information, and to share your achievements and campaigns, check out our one-pager.

DiEM25’s “Don’t Paint It Green!” Campaign

DiEM25 is a pan-European movement that is working to transform the European Union to prevent disintegration and to have transparent institutions that are accountable to Europeans. As part of their work, DiEM25 is advocating for a Green New Deal for Europe that outlines a “democratic transition to a sustainable Europe.” DiEM25 is currentlyactively campaigning against a stealthy addition to the EU taxonomy that labels nuclear and gas as sustainable. Representatives of the campaign have stated, “We need renewable energy, not these things that they try to pass as green. Nuclear energy is unreliable, expensive, dangerous and slow to install. And gas is finite, destructive, and contributes to the problem that the Commission claims to want to solve. Let’s be clear: they can neither serve the green transition, nor be ultimate solutions to our crisis.” Show your support of this campaign by visiting Don't Paint it Green! to sign the petition and learn about other ways to take action!  

Boston Mayor Unveils Budget for a GND 

Boston Mayor Wu has proposed her administration’s budget for Fiscal Year 2023 and plans to utilize $350 in federal ARPA funds. To guide this budget proposal and engage Boston residents, the city conducted listening sessions and a citywide survey. As a result, investments in affordable housing represent a sizable portion of the budget. This will include directing millions towards affordable housing construction and acquisition, housing stability, energy efficiency retrofits and more. Mayor Wu has also indicated her commitment to a Boston GND by providing funding that will lay its foundation. Some investments related to a GND include electrification of the school bus and City vehicle fleet, citywide composting, growing and maintaining Boston’s urban tree canopy, expanding the Green Youth Jobs program, constructing biking and walking infrastructure, and strengthening local food systems.

Green New Deal Champions

To build support for federal climate legislation in line with a Green New Deal, environmental, racial, and economic justice groups collaborated to create a GND Pledge and are asking candidates and elected Congresspeople to sign onto it. Signing the pledge signifies support for a collection of nine GND-related bills and the GND Resolution. These bills were identified through a year-long process between GND Pledge partners and Squad staffers. Those who sign the pledge are designated to be GND Champions. The creation of this pledge has helped to garner support for these pieces of legislation and push representatives in Congress to show they are doing all they can to take action now.

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