"Empirically rich and analytically deft in its account of the rise of both the Anthropocene and global capitalism, Ecosocialism and Climate Justice probes the pitfalls of mainstream institutional responses to the climate crisis, and points the way toward the socially just alternative that is so urgently needed."
William K. Carroll, Professor of Sociology and Co-director, the Corporate Mapping Project, University of Victoria, Canada
Ecosocialism and Climate Justice
An Ecological Neo-Gramscian Analysis
Eve Croeser
October 2, 2020

This book investigates the broader climate movement to contextualise the role played by its climate justice wing, focusing specifically on the theoretical and practical contributions of ecosocialists. Croeser begins by critically analysing the root causes of anthropogenic climate change and identifies the origins and development of the current climate movement within civil society. She then focuses on the climate justice movement, analysing the ways in which anthropogenic global warming may be challenged in a way that is socially just. Overall, this book provides further insight into the effectiveness of ecosocialist theory and activism in the context of existing global, national and local power relationships.

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