"Faber deftly exposes the roots of the environmental injustices that the poor, people of color, working-class, and indigenous communities confront every day in the U.S. and globally. This is a moving and critical account of domination and resistance in the struggle for the most precious thing of all: life itself."
David Pellow
Capitalizing on Environmental Injustice
The Polluter-Industrial Complex in the Age of Globalization
Daniel Faber
July 11, 2008

Capitalizing on Environmental Injustice provides a comprehensive overview of the achievements and challenges confronting the environmental justice movement. Pressured by increased international competition and the demand for higher profits, industrial and political leaders are working to weaken many of America's most essential environmental, occupational, and consumer protection laws. In addition, corporate-led globalization exports many ecological hazards abroad. The result is a deepening of the ecological crisis in both the United States and the Global South. However, not all people are impacted equally. In this process of capital restructuring, it is the most marginalized segments of society -poor people of color and the working class-that suffer the greatest force of corporate environmental abuses.

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